Administrators may change the tab label names. To change the name of a tab:

1.   Right click the tab you would like to rename; e.g. Logistics.

2.   Type over the existing text to enter the new name.

3.   Click Save.


  • To revert the tab name back to the PMAPS default, click on Set to Default.

Customize Fields

Almost every field in PMAPS is customizable to some extent. In most cases, you can change at least the field label names. In other cases, you can change almost everything about the field—except the structure and the location of the field within the module.

Some fields and tabs in the database are hard coded and therefore not editable. Many of the non-editable fields contain data that is automatically being tracked or is tied in some way to other areas of the database.

How do you know which fields are editable?  Look for the question  icon. If there is a question mark icon next to the field, then it is editable by an administrator. The following edit options are available to the administrator for each editable field in the database:

  • Label for Screen: This is the name that is displayed on the screen and is also displayed on the list of available fields to select for customizing user views and for building reports. Use the arrows between the Label for Screen and the Label Description to copy text back and forth between the two fields.

  • Label Description: Whatever you enter in this field, is displayed when a user passes his or her cursor over the  icon to the right of the field. This is a great place for a brief description or instruction for your users.

  • User must complete field on new RFP: Administrators check this box for fields that need to be completed when a proposal is initially logged in. If this box is checked, the field displays a yellow background.

  • Administrator editing only: Check this box if only administrators should be permitted to edit this field after the proposal has been added.

  • Administrator adding or editing of Pick-Lists: Check this box if only administrators should be permitted to edit this pick list.

  • Update Calendar: Administrators check this box for date fields that they want to appear on the internal WebPro calendar. In subsequent updates, date fields may be populated in a user’s local email system through the use of iCal or VCF technology.

  • Default Value ‘Yes’:  Automatically marks a date field complete in the PMAPS internal calendar. This feature is under development.

  • Disable Field: If this box is checked, the field is disabled for all users.

  • Required on Ad Hoc Sales Doc: Check this box to make fields mandatory for use of Sales Doc Builder forms.

  • Must keep the same meaning of field!: This warning alerts the administrator that while you may change the Label for Screen or the Label Description for this field, you must retain the original meaning of the field for internal programming, tracking and reporting purposes.

  • More Info: This area show internal program data concerning the field

  • Edit Values: Administrators and users with the appropriate rights may edit pick lists. Please refer to the User Manual for information on editing pick pick values.