To search for content, follow the steps below, referencing the circled numbers.

If you are not on the Content page, go to the main menu and click Content.

1.   Type the words to search within Search Here window:

  • To perform an exact match search, put quotation marks (" ") around the text that should be an exact match.

  • To perform a single word search and remove the automatic alternate word search put quotation marks (" ") around the word that should be an exact match.

  • To search for a record by number, enter "id:" followed by the Search ID number.
2.   Click the Search Files button.

3.   Search Words display the words and language searched.

4.   Click Show Options to expand the window that shows all search options.

5.   Click Clear Search to remove all search text.

6.   Click Save Search to add the saved result options as a new favorite search.

7.   Click Open Search to use a previously saved favorite search.

8.   Click Show Preview to expand the preview window.

There are several ways to search for text:

  • From the viewer toolbar by entering text in the box, and then click the magnifying glass

  • From the Proposal Editor window by selecting text to search, and then click Search WebPro (3).

  • From Content > Home enter or paste text in the search text box, and then click Search Files.

  • From Content > Home leave the search text box empty and apply options (1), filters (2), and sorting (3)