Each user can customize the visible columns and default preferences, which can be used for filtering and sorting results.

1. Click the Proposals icon.

2. Click Show Options to expand the window.

3. Select your default filtering preferences.

  • My Line of Business Only displays proposals only in your designated lines of business.
  • In Process displays only proposals that are not complete based on Date Shipped field being empty or declined based on the Declined checkbox remaining unchecked.
  • My Proposals Only displays proposals where your name is in any contact field.
  • Due Date “From” displays proposals equal to or after the date entered.
  • Due Date “To” displays proposals equal to or before the date entered.If both due date fields are populated, it will display proposals within the date range entered.
4.  Click the Search icon to apply the search options made.

5.  Review your results and adjust as necessary. Ensure there is no text in the Search Proposals field. Then, click Save Preferences to save these as your default.