Open the proposal you would like to work on and locate the floating Viewer toolbar and minimize it by clicking on the line button.

Refer to the step number stamps in the screen shots and follow the steps below:

1. Ensure there is a blank link after the question.

2. Select a portion of the question to perform a search against.

3. Click the Search WebPro (magnifying glass) button.

Review the search results and select the answer you want to use (selected record has a light blue highlight).

Click into the Insert menu and then choose Insert Full.

Apply selections, referencing the step numbers in the screen shot.

1.  Select the document from which you searched.

2.  Select a formatting option.

3.  Click Insert and wait for the process to complete.

4.  Optionally, check the box to remember this document for continuing insertions.

Go back to the document open within the Viewer and review the inserted text.

From the Proposal Editor window toolbar, click the Save to PMAPS icon.

Repeat these steps to continuing populating the document.