Global Attribute Changes is available to permitted users who can apply global changes to attribute values, or clear values, for one or more Proposal records at a time.

1.   Click Proposals on the main menu.

2.   Filter down to the records that require the same value changes, and then click the Global Attribute Changes icon.

3.   User vertical scroll to reveal fields in other tabs.

4.   Make changes to one or more field values. Use the new [CLEAR VALUES] option to clear any then-existing values from a field within the selected records (available only for some field types).

5.         Review the message to confirm the number of records that will be affected by the change, and then click OK.

6.   Wait for the processing window to process all records before attempting to navigate away or close the window.


  • After completing step 6 (once the page refreshes), you may need to remove any filters and sorting to reveal the global changes you made.