The Dashboard provides general insights into usage of the ResponseFull platform. This page displays general information and user-specific information.

1.   The lifesaver button, which provides a link to our customer help portal.

2.   User-specific preferences and details menu.

3.   Number of proposals due within next 7 days (and quick link to Proposals page).

4.   Number of proposals in progress (and quick link to Proposals > Home).

5.   Number of user assignments (and quick link to Assignments).

6.   Number of content records added in the last 30 days (and quick link to Content > Home).

7.   Top user contributors (based on number of completed proposal assignments).

8.   Top user contributors (based on the number of content records added).

9.   Recently opened documents (display either Proposals or Content).

10. Recently searches (display either Proposals or Content).


The Home page displays information about the state of the content library in relation to existing forms.

1.   User-specific welcome.

2.   Percent and number of content records expired in existing forms.

3.   Number of records expired or expiring within the next 30 days by SME.

4.   Number of content records expiring in the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

5.   Create Doc button.