Problem: Tying to log into PMAPS and sure user name is correct but getting an error that credentials are invalid. My account is not locked and I’ve received a temporary password but still receiving the same invalid message.

Resolution: This problem could be the result of a stored password in your browser. Follow the steps below to remove the stored password. Then, use the Forgot Password option to receive a temporary password and use that to log into PMAPS. If you don't receive a password, try using Forgot Username.

1.   In Chrome, click the kabob icon, and then choose Settings.

2.   In Settings, scroll down and click Advanced (at the bottom of the page).

3.  Scroll down to find the Passwords and forms section and click Manage passwords.

4.   Look for “” and click the X.

5.   Quit Chrome and restart it before trying to login again.

Internet Explorer
1.   Click on the wheel button or the Tools menu and choose Internet options.

2.   In the Browsing history section click Delete….

3.   Be sure the Passwords box is checked and click Delete.

4.   Once it completes, click Apply.

5.   Click OK.

6.   Quit IE and restart it before trying to login again.