The user is trying to “Open the WebPro Viewer” or use the Viewer to open a document and receives an error message.

Error Information and Screen Shots:

User receives the following error message when trying to download or run the Viewer:

Error starting the viewer. System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the registry key

‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\WebPro.Chrome.Viewer.User\shell\open\command’ is denied.


The easiest fix is usually to go to the location where the ViewerLauncher.exe file has been downloaded (typically C:\Users\username\Downloads), and then follow the steps below:

1.   Right-click on the Viewer launcher executable: ViewerLauncher_https___secure.pmapswebpro.com_clientname.exe.

2.   Uncheck the box Unblock, and then click Apply.

3.   Click “Open the WebPro Viewer” again.

If the Viewer still does not download/run, evaluate your anti-virus software to ensure it is not blocking the executable. If your IT has configured your Anti-Virus to block the PMAPS Viewer, your IT may need to make changes to allow it to run. With most Anti-Virus systems, this can be done by whitelisting the file hash of the program or the Digital Signature of the program. How this is done depends on your specific IT department tools and configuration. Whitelisting the file hash will work but you may experience the same problem again in the future if there are any upgrades or new installations. The Digital Signature whitelist is more flexible and is recommended if this is an option.

Below is an example for McAfee.

McAfee creates log files that you can review if needed. One of them is called DynamicApplicationContainment_Activity.log. You may find the following error in your McAfee logs