When I try to use Relink I receive a warning that I have overlapping bookmarks. When I click Ok, the relink does not proceed. I do not have any OVERLAPPING BOOKMARKS showing in my Bookmarks window.

We have identified the problem you encountered as an issue in the software. We have added this issue to our product support queue to be fixed in our next release.

This known issue is related to Assignments that have inserted content responses in them where it's treating the assignment as if it's an inserted record bookmark, even though it's not. Then, if the assignee inserts any records into their assignment it reads those as overlapping bookmarks. To get around this until our next release, ensure the assignments are all complete (because you will be breaking the relationship between the assignment document and the main document), and then delete the assignment. Follow the steps below.

1. From the Proposal Editor toolbar, click Show Options....
2. Choose Show Bookmarks.
3. If the bookmarks are already showing click the Refresh... button.

1. Select the assignment from the list to select it (row will turn yellow).
2. Right-click on yellow row and choose Delete Assignment.

3. At the prompt, click Yes.

Wait for the process to complete and repeat as necessary for other assignments.