Edit Permissions/Properties

Use this option to edit the form’s permissions and properties.

1.   Click into the Form Name field to rename the form. This is displayed to all end users.

2.   Once a Document Type is configured in the form, it cannot be changed. To create a form using a different document output type, click the Create Form button.

3.   Check the appropriate box for groups of users who should be able to use the form.

Edit Form

Use this option to quickly go to the Questions tab of the form.

View History

Use this option to view a history of the form’s usage including the date the form was created, the date the form was last run, and the status of the last run.

Copy Form

Use this option to make a copy of an existing form. Note: when copying an existing form it retains the document type. The document type cannot be changed for an existing form.

Delete Form

Use this option to delete of an existing form. Caution: this cannot be undone.

Confirm the name of the form to be deleted is correct, and then click Delete Form.

The page will display a confirmation.