RocketDocs now provides a single shared sandbox for customers to use for testing purposes prior to a release. To request a user account in this sandbox, please Submit a Ticket to request access (see sample screen shot below). By submitting a request you are agreeing to the terms listed below. Please allow up to two business days for your request to be processed.

Sandbox Usage Terms

The RocketDocs sandbox instance is a single instance shared among multiple customers/users for the purpose of beta testing a new release before its deployment into production. As such, customers should not add proprietary or confidential information into the system. For security and confidentiality, users will not have access to the Configuration or Settings pages and access to some features may be restricted. Participants understand that other companies may see their name and email address and agree to only use their own contact record for testing purposes. Periodically, we may restore the sandbox instance to a saved point in time to clear out old data.