1.   Save the revised document(s) to a local folder.

2.   From the main menu click on Content, then click on Compliance.

3.   Click the Import icon.

4.   Click the Select Files… icon.

5.   Go to the local folder and select the document(s) to import.

6.   Click the Upload icon.

7.   Wait for the uploads to finish, and click on the icon Click to Refresh Compliance Central. This will refresh the page and close this window, returning you to compliance central.


1.   Go to the Returned From Expert (SME) tab.

2.   Check the box for the record that was just uploaded.

3.   Click the Approve icon.

4.   At the prompt, click OK to proceed with the approval.

5.   Wait for the approval process to finish and then click OK at the prompt.

6.   Click the Refresh icon to refresh the Returned From Expert (SME) log.